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Enterprise systems today, are complex Information Technology (IT) ecosystems used by companies for mission-critical applications.  Further, enterprise systems platforms integrate business processes and align IT to support business strategy.   Although enterprise systems are used by the world’s largest businesses, more favorable IT price/performance values results in enterprise systems being implemented in medium-sized companies as well.

At the Sam M. Walton College of Business, Enterprise Systems comprises of four major hubs and support systems, and access to large, real-world datasets:

  • IBM z10 Mainframe Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Teradata Database Server 
  • SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

Our multiple enterprise systems platforms coupled with large, real-world datasets play a very important role in the undergraduate and graduate curricula at the Walton College. The Walton College Enterprise systems program strives to be a premier world-wide source of academic enterprise curriculum and systems.

"Students gain competitive advantage by working with our world-class Enterprise Systems and real-world datasets."

David Douglas

Enterprise Systems


Enterprise Systems Comprehensive Help

Schools we support through our collection of enterprise platforms and datasets:

Enterprise Systems
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