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Dillard's Department Store Database

Dillard's Inc., founded in 1938, is a publicly traded U.S.-based retailer. Dillard's ranks among the largest U.S. fashion apparel and home furnishings retailers. Dillard's has grown through expansion into mall properties as well as through acquisition of smaller department stores. Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, Dillard's has been using centralized computer systems since the 1960's.

The Dillard's Department Store Database contains retail sales information gathered from store sales transactions. The sale process begins when a customer brings items intended for purchase (clothing, jewelry, home décor, etc) to any store register. A Dillard's sales associate scans the individual items to be purchased with a barcode reader. This populates the transaction table (TRNSACT), which will later be used to generate a sales receipt listing the item, department, and cost information (related price, sale price, etc.) for the customer. When the customer provides payment for the items, payment details are recorded in the transaction table, the receipt is printed, and the transaction is complete. Other tables are used to store information about stores, products, and departments.

Real Data and Data Integrity

This retail sales information, UA_DILLARDS, was provided to the Walton College of Business by Dillard's stores, Inc. Consisting of 5 tables with more than 128 million rows already populated and ready for use.

This is a gifted dataset that is based on real operational data. Like any real database, integrity problems may be noted. This can provide a unique opportunity not only to expose students to real data but also to illustrate the effects of data integrity problems.


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